Mon, 30 Aug 2004
I thought you'd get a kick out of my latest racing exploit.

A common saying in sports and in life is, "No pain, no gain." I gained on Sunday.

I was doing a Pro/1/2 race and some fools tangled up to the forward-left of me. I thought I was going to ride clear but one of the guys and his bike spun out and clipped my front wheel. I stacked it to my front-right, hitting shoulder and hip first, rolling over to my head and back, and then sliding for a few yards. One of my teammates, who couldn't find a better line (or maybe he wasn't content to see me get off so easily?), ran over my ankle.

One a scale of 1-10, 10 being my best crash, this one gets a 6. No broken bones, minimal tissue-to-asphalt donation quotient, and no trip to the ER. This morning, everything but the shoulder feels okay. I have to go see Dr. Fix'im Up Again to see if there's something more severe than a sprain. I am sad to report that a perfectly good race wheel was killed instantly. Gauze and Neosporin can be sent in lieu of flowers. :o

Attached are photos. Julienne and I are keeping a scrapbook of this stuff now. Squeemish beware.


Boo Boo Gallery
Anthony D. Morrow - Crash 08/30/2004 - Back
Anthony D. Morrow - Crash 08/30/2004 - Shoulder
Anthony D. Morrow - Crash 08/30/2004 - Legs
Anthony D. Morrow - Crash 08/30/2004 - Wheel Munch
Injuries & Damage from CBR "Go Fast or Go Home Criterium" - Pro/1/2/3
Sunday, August 29, 2004
Photos by Anthony & Julienne Morrow